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WhatsApp Says It Won’t Lobotomize Accounts That Refuse Privacy Policy Update


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WhatsApp initially threatened to cancel the core functions of users who refused to accept its controversial new privacy policy, only to reduce the severity of these consequences in the case of strong international opposition earlier this month, and it is now removing them completely ( Currently, at least). 

According to a TNW report, in the rollback, the company clarified on Friday that it will not restrict any functionality even if it has not yet accepted the updated privacy policy of the app. A WhatsApp spokesperson said in a statement: “In light of recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make it clear that we will not restrict the way WhatsApp works for people who have not yet received updates.” Edge. 

They added that this is an indefinite plan. In the update of the company’s FAQ page, WhatsApp clarified that if users do not accept the new policy, their accounts will not be deleted or lose functionality. In other words, WhatsApp will continue to send reminders to these users to update “from time to time,” WhatsApp told the Verge. On its support page, WhatsApp claims that most users who have seen the update have accepted it. Initially, the deadline for acceptance was set in February, but after being criticized by lawmakers and consumer advocates, WhatsApp postponed the date to May 15. , And its own users, and other critics. 

The question is how this updated policy allows WhatsApp to process users’ personal data, which has raised concerns that it will start transmitting this information to its parent company, Facebook. (Indeed, WhatsApp has been using the user’s phone number for this operation since it updated its privacy policy in 2016, as pointed out by Verge.) Concerns on its FAQ page, which emphasized that this new policy mainly affects business messages, Facebook will not be able to access the user’s location data or message logs. WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart also posted a Twitter post with more detailed information.


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