Midnight Sons

If Marvel wanted to make a Midnight Son film or a TV series, the MCU already has several characters who could be part of the team. The Infinity Gauntlet arc powered the 1st three phases of the MCU; new characters and superheroes are being introduced in Phase 4, largely courtesy of its Disney+ series. With some of the upcoming shows and few series, Marvel has already laid the groundwork for both a Champions team and Young Avengers with the forthcoming introduction or with the introduction of characters such as Kate Bishop, Joaquín Torres, Wiccan, and Speed as the subsequent iterations of Falcon and America Chavez, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye.

On the youth movement of the MCU, the main focus is. From the Marvel comics, another team has already planted roots, and across the movies: the Midnight Sons and the Disney+ series will continue to grow. The Midnight Sons are a group of supernaturally based superheroes and the horror wing of Marvel together; their titles are essentially made up. Three smaller teams were there originally in the team.


Like other superhero supergroups, Midnight Sons may not have been as wildly popular such as the Young Avengers and Champions, but it had a diehard fanbase of readers. Marvel deals with more adult territory and weightier topics; even horror is coming with the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiuniverse of Madness. With a brand new line up now is the perfect time to introduce the team onscreen. In the MCU, there are enough characters in or soon to join the Midnight Sons.

The 1st character is Doctor Strange. Until the Siege of Darkness storyline, he didn’t officially join the Midnight Sons in the comics. He was the one who had secretly assisted and assembled the team from behind the scenes from the start. But there are also a few other characters who have already appeared in the MCU, mainly in the pre-Disney+ TV shows. Various members of the Midnight Sons have already appeared in live-action Marvel properties. Few characters could join MCU. The main among them are Blade, Morbius, Electro, Doctor Octopus.