Bright Black Fashion - online competition for fashion enthusiasts, models, photographers
Bright Black Fashion - online competition for fashion enthusiasts, models, photographers Bright Black Fashion - online competition for fashion enthusiasts, models, photographers

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Bright Black Fashion – an international digital platform to showcase one’s talent focusing on make-up, fashion photography, fashion designing and modelling, will kick start with full enthusiasm from May 7, 2022, in San Luis, Argentina. 

Individuals from all across the world will get the opportunity to showcase their talents in the fashion industry. A different set of challenges will be placed ahead of participants, and the ones who managed to get into the finale will partake in the first season grand finale in Dubai in June 2022, giving the winners of all the four categories to work for well-known and renowned firms. 


Andrea Laguna from Colombia and Alicia Becerra from Argentina are the women behind this fashion platform who arrived in Dubai 8 years ago and collaborated for the past a few years, working to support and provide opportunities to the rising talents all across the globe. 

Andrea – who is a Colombian singer with a background in business and finance, speaking at the beginning of the show, asserted, “We want to give opportunities to talented people who haven’t got the chance to show everything they can do in their industry”. 

She then added, “I have not lived in many nations, but even if I have only experienced a few, that kind of exposure changes you; I see it not only on myself but almost everyone who goes through it; it opens your mind and network to become a better version of yourself and continue pursuing your dreams – at the very least, living in different nations gives a fresh perspective in life. So with Alicia (my partner), we put together connections in fashion & experience in entertainment to open as many doors as possible for others too“. 

Meanwhile, Alicia, who is a businesswoman and is currently working in collaboration with Dubai fashion designers for the last four years. Alicia stated, “Bright Black Fashion is an amazing start to the participant’s careers. There is so much talent and diversity all over the world, and many people work hard but didn’t get to the right place at the right time; all we want is to offer them that special opportunity“. 

One of the judges – Michael Cinco, is among the famed fashion industry names who have also dressed celebrities such as – Beyonce, Jennifer López, Sofía Vergara, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. 

Brands such as – The Victor Closet will be appearing designers from Latin America.

Apart from this, speaking on the challenges faced by both women in the launch of this mega-event, Andrea stated that the COVID-19 pandemic had been the “biggest challenge” ahead of them in the past two years. 


Andrea, while highlighting the difference between “Bright Black Fashion” and other reality shows, asserted, “Well, about that, all I can say is that any efforts to push and support new talents is always a positive, in my opinion. For us, it is important to put all the focus on the talent and the participants, and by presenting Bright Black Fashion in the international arena, having contestants from all over the world & in different categories, creates synergies in the industry that go beyond the contest itself“.   

Apart from this, Andrea hinted about launching another platform which will solely be for the music and entertainment industry of, which the announcement is likely to take place at the Grand Finale of Bright Black Fashion in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.