Bulgaria has recently recorded a new surge in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 for the last 24 hours, which is 818 in total. The data has been released in accordance with the Unified Information Portal. The information further stated that around 3127 tests were done, which means that the share of positive results is 26 per cent.

As per the reports, Bulgaria has logged one casualty reportedly due to COVID-19 infection.


The information has further revealed that till date around 1,043 people with a diagnosis of COVID-19 are in hospitals, of which around 56 are in intensive care units (ICU). Whereas, there are over 23 new hospital admissions reported in Bulgaria.

According to the data shared, around 166 people have been cured in the last 24 hours and a total of 1,168,982 since the start of the pandemic. The data reveals that, there are right now around 19,596 active cases of COVID-19.

The Portal has informed that in the last 24 hours, around 127 jabs of vaccination have been administered, and a total of 4,501,446 jabs of vaccination have been administered since the beginning of the vaccination campaign.

A total of 37,486 people in Bulgaria have lost the battle with the new COVID-19 out of the 1,226,064 confirmed infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria’s medical authorities have further urged the nation’s people to follow all the safety guidelines and have further implored them to maintain a safe distance in public places and to receive vaccination jabs to boost their immunity against the deadly virus. The authorities have further asked people to use facial masks in public to curb the spread of contagious mutant.