Bulgaria discontinues mask mandate COVID protocol
Bulgaria discontinues mask mandate COVID protocol

Bulgarian authorities dropped the idea of wearing a protective mask despite having the lowest COVID-19 vaccination in the European Union on August 12, 2022, Friday.

Last week The authorities of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, imposed the rule of wearing a protective face mask to shield the citizens from COVID-19 again.


According to the latest rules imposed by the Bulgarian authorites, the people of Bulgaria are only required to wear face masks in pharmacies, hospitals, social institutions and on public transport. Wearing masks is not necessary for supermarkets and other stores.

The Bulgarian authorities have amended this regulation even after knowing that less than a third of the population, that is, 6.5 million people, are only vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus.

Though this regulation has been imposed all across the country, coronavirus cases are much higher in the country’s capital, Sofia.

The authorities imposed that every individual wears a mask covering their mouth and nose in pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, and childcare institutions. The rules made it clear that wearing masks for up to six is exempted for children.

Grocery stores, Pharmacies, bank insurance companies, Telecom providers, and postal and payment services will remain open. Food and medicines will be supplied abundantly.

Kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities will remain open. Schools and Universities will deliver offline classes in the country.

Authorities explained that Thursday’s move was due to the fact that hospitals have ample capacity.
Bulgaria has 1 222,948 reported cases of COVID-19 within the country.


Bulgaria has 37,469 reported deaths from COVID-19 within its borders. Also, Bulgaria is following WHO and ECDC guidance on threat mitigation.

The health authorities of Bulgaria recently recorded 1,429 new COVID cases within 24 hours, and the actual number of cases is widely thought to be higher than repor