The continuation of the Winter Olympic Day Chepelare 2023 took place today, 11.02.2023, at the restored Children's Snow Park
The continuation of the Winter Olympic Day Chepelare 2023 took place today, 11.02.2023, at the restored Children's Snow Park "Dortevoto" in the town of Chepelare (Image Courtesy-Facebook)

The continuation of the Winter Olympic Day Chepelare 2023 took place today, 11.02.2023, at the restored Children’s Snow Park “Dortevoto” in the town of Chepelare.

The field conditions, the weather, the organization and the mood were impressive. Among many smiles and good spirits were the organized slalom skiing and snowboarding competitions for students and veterans.

The Bulgarian ace personally gave the starts in snowboarding and the pride of Chepelare Radoslav Yankov. Ekaterina Dafovska was absent today due to her support at the Oberhof Biathlon World Championship (GER), but her son took part in the snowboard competition.

The event was attended by the honorary citizen of Chepelare, Georgi Milushev – the coach, Lilia Pandurova of the BOK, as well as many coaches, athletes and, of course, residents and guests of Chepelar.

The host of the event again was Borislav Kiryakov, who also took part in the veterans’ competition in alpine skiing to defend his title against his respected coach Gergi Milushev and to set an example to the children of CPLR ODC Chepelare, who is currently training.

Winners of the competitions in the age categories and disciplines announced in the program received awards provided by A1 and medals from the municipality. All the children got chocolates and those who wanted tea.

Prizes in disciplines and categories are as follows:

Snowboard – slalom:

Grade I – IV:

1. Pavlin Milchev

2. Diana Yotova

3. Teodora Mileva

Grade V – VIII:

1. Alexander Georgov

2. Dimitar Vasilev

3. Todor Shumkov

Grade IX – XII:

1. Peter Gergievsky

2. Georgi Milchev

3. Kostadin Milev and Stoyan Pepelanov

Alpine skiing – slalom:

Grade I – IV:

1. Catherine Naydenova

2. Alexander Kolakov

3. Vasil Popov

Grade V – VIII:

1. Alexandra Cholakova

2. Boyan Tservulanov

3. Bozhidar Naydenov

Grade IX – XII:

1. Andrew Hudson

2. Stanimir Ilchev

3. Hristo Dimov

Lilia Pandurova – BOK, presented the awards; Vasil Milchev – snowboard coach to ODC CPLR Chepelare, Radoslav Yankov – the Bulgarian ace in snowboarding; Georgi Milushev – a long-time coach of alpine ski disciplines and honorary citizen of Chepelare municipality.

Antoaneta Agovska – deputy. Mayor of Chepelare municipality, Ekaterina Popova-Silkova – director of CPLR ODC Chepelare, Radoslav Agovski – director of Olympic Hopes Sports School – city. Chapeliers.

Boran Hadzhiev – Mayor of Chepelare Municipality, guessed and distinguished RADOSLAV YANKOV, PETER GERGIOVSKI and MARKO SEMERZHIEV – MEDALISTS OF INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS in the 2022/2023 season.

Athletes from Chepelare Town clubs received plaques of merit to the municipality as well as cash prizes provided by sponsors wishing to remain anonymous.

YORDANKA YONCHEVA was absent yesterday, so her award will be presented again to the municipality’s mayor when she returns from the competition she participated in.

The coaches wished all the children to train hard and have the patience to achieve high results. The municipality’s mayor thanks the competitors and attendees for being together and supporting each other.

Chepelare residents and guests of all ages enjoyed the holiday and were present.

The emotional WINTER OLYMPIC DAY CHEPELARE 2023 ended with many sunny smiles. Dortevto Children’s Winter Park remains to welcome its guests as perfectly processed, equipped and free for the entire 2023 winter season.