Anti- Gazporam protest in Bulgaria
Anti- Gazporam protest in Bulgaria

Streets of the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia filled with protestors raising their voice against the country’s caretaker Government for breaking the policies of its pro-western predecessor and returning to close energy ties with Russia on 10 August 2022, Wednesday.

The protest occurred in the streets of Captial Sofia in front of the presidential building in Bulgaria. During the demonstration, people demanded greater accountability from the caretaker cabinet. The protest took place under the slogan #GAZwithme.


People in Bulgaria, a member of the EU and NATO, are concerned that the previous pro-Western Government collapsed in June due to a hard stance against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how it refused to pay huge Gazprom in Rupel, the Russian currency.

After rejecting Moscow’s demand to pay in Russian currency, rubles, Russia cut off the gas supplies to Bulgaria in late April. The relations between the two soviet bloc allies tanked under the last Government.

Giving the first public statement, the current caretaker Government said that to avoid a shortage of natural gas later in the year, Bulgaria could restart talks with Gazprom. He also added that they are not dependent on Gazprom and finance for Putin’s war.

The protest organizer Atnas Sharkov called on Radev, who is directly responsible for the Government’s actions, to ensure that previous decisions will remain the same. He encouraged Gazprom must stop being Bulgaria’s only gas supplier. He also added that it is high time to follow European policies and be part of Europe.

Greece and Bulgaria achieved completing a new pipeline which will supply natural gas from Azerbaijan to Bulgaria. Commercial deliveries will begin on 1 October 2022.