Bulgaria: Foreign Minister meets her counterparts at FAC
Bulgaria: Foreign Minister meets her counterparts at FAC

The Foreign Minister of Bulgaria – Minister Teodora Genchovska, yesterday attended the FAC (Foreign Affairs Council) on May 16, 2022. During the meeting, she met with his counterparts from different countries and discussed several significant matters, including the Russia-Ukraine war.

At the FAC, present were the Foreign Ministers of the European states. The dignitaries reaffirmed their support for the war-hit country of Ukraine.


The Bulgarian Minister tweeted, “Extremely important FAC today. With my colleagues, including the WB6, we thoroughly discussed the challenges ahead for the region today. Together with our Ukrainian and Canadian colleagues, we focused on the latest developments of the Russian war & we confirmed our comprehensive support to Ukraine”.

Meeting with Montenegro’s Foreign Minister, Genchovska reconfirmed the excellent bilateral relations and exchanged views on Montenegro’s EU perspective, the situation with the Ukrainian refugees in the country and the ways to enhance further our cooperation.

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Serbia also met with the Bulgarian counterpart and held discussions on the European integration of Serbia –
Nikola Selaković.

Genchovska cited, “Meaningful conversation today with Nikola Selaković. Among the topics discussed were the European integration of Serbia, the prospects of bilateral cooperation and the challenges ahead of us in the time of war”.

FAC meeting took place in Brussels on May 16, 2022. Two important topics discussed were on the agenda – Western Balkans and the Russian war against Ukraine. Looking forward to the planned informal exchange of EU FM with colleagues from the WB6.

Apart from this, she also was an attendee at the Informal meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Berlin.

More than 80 days have been completed since the Russia-Ukraine war. The Russian forces on Monday stated that they had agreed to evacuate the injured Ukrainian soldiers from the bunkers below the besieged Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol. The wounded will be taken to the medical facility in the Russian-controlled town of Novoazovsk.