Bulgaria: Prime Minister launches Stefan Stambolov Fund scholarship programme for students
Bulgaria: Prime Minister launches Stefan Stambolov Fund scholarship programme for students

Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Kiril Petkov, has launched a programme known as “Stefan Stambolov Fund” which will provide an opportunity to the Bulgarian students by supporting them with monetary funding of up to BGN 200,000 per year so that they can pursue their master’s degree.

PM Petkov, while providing the information, stated, “Today, on the feast of St. brothers Cyril and Methodius launched the National Program “Stefan Stambolov Fund” – an opportunity for Bulgarian students to access world-class education and financial support of up to BGN 200,000 per year for a master’s degree”.


As per the information provided, the first scholarship holder will be selected this year in the month of June, and therefore the first master’s degree will be funded for the academic year of 2022/2023.

Addressing the general population via video, the Prime Minister asserted, “The holy brothers Cyril and Methodius open the way of our people to enlightenment through the Bulgarian alphabet. Following their work over the centuries, the people of speech and knowledge set values ​​and unite our society around important causes. Following the example of such a progressive politician, we are launching the Stefan Stambolov Fund National Program”.

PM Petkov then assured that his administration would provide its’ full support to the students as they are a hope for a better future for the Balkan state.

Scholarships worth BGN 2 million will be awarded to the students each year. To choose the candidates, a total of three campaigns will be conducted, and in each of them, at least ten students will be selected.

“Prior to leaving, the selected ones will be signing a contract with the Bulgarian state. It will oblige them to return to the country within six months of graduation and work here on an employment or civil contract for at least three years”, the prime minister informed.

The provided scholarship will fund the transport fees to the foreign university, the tuition fee, the rent, as well as medical insurance during the training.