2 of 3 Bulgarians thinks Russian military will attack the Balkan state
2 of 3 Bulgarians thinks Russian military will attack the Balkan state

War between Russia and Ukraine has stemmed fear in Bulgarians. According to a survey conducted, two in three Bulgarians think that the Russian military will be attacking the European country with bomb strikes and missiles.

Meanwhile, more than half of the country’s population is having fears that Russia will colonise Bulgaria. The data has been shared in the sociological survey by the ESTAT agency on behalf of the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation.


Only 42% of Bulgarian nationals think that Russia will not be declaring war on their country.

The survey further notes that three out of four Bulgarian citizens think Russia will use nuclear weapons.

Around 54% of the Bulgarian population fears “very much and somewhat” possible occupation by Russia, whereas 62% fear that there will be either a “missile attack or bomb strike” by Russia.

Only 10% of the European country’s population is aware of the history of Bulgaria- Russia diplomatic ties. Around 50.3% of the Bulgarian population expects NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) to intervene and assist the Balkan state in case Russia attacks.

Bulgaria’s 41% population supports the country’s membership in the international alliance, while 3% are against it.

The bilateral relations between Russia and Bulgaria are cordial. Recently, Russia halted the supply of gas to the European country, stating that Bulgaria denies making the payment via rubbles. Bulgaria was dependent on Russia for 90% of its gas.

Bulgaria, in the past months, has also fired Russian Ambassadors over the suspicion of spying. Diplomatic relations between both European states were established on July 7, 1879.


Bulgaria has an embassy in Moscow and three consulates general (in Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg). Russia has an embassy in Sofia and two consulate-general (in Ruse & Varna).

A total of 75 days have been passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, which was on February 24, 2022.