Bulgarian President visits Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejón of NATO in Spain
Bulgarian President visits Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejón of NATO in Spain

President of the Republic of Bulgaria – Rumen Radev, paid an official visit to the Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejón of NATO (CAOCTJ) in Spain. The main focus of CAOCTJ remains to plan, direct, coordinate, monitor, analyze & report on the operations of Air Policing means Southern of the Alps.

In addition, five NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) allies – France, Greece, Italy, Germany, and Spain are participating in a military exercise – Spanish Minex22.


It is an advanced multinational mine countermeasures exercise organized and commanded by the Navy of Spain. NATO cited while highlighting the significance of these exercises, “Interoperability between forces on the ground and in the air is vital. Joint Terminal Attack Controllers bring Close Air Support to the troops via training and exercises of eFP Battlegroup Latvia”.

On the other hand, Marines of the United States of America, Italy and the Netherlands are training together during exercise Cold Response22 in Narvik, Norway, to strengthen NATO transatlantic security.

This week only, NATO Youth Summit was conducted, where a total of 1800 young leaders from ninety-two (92) nations and 59 speakers participated.

The Director, Transatlantic Defense & Security – Lauren Speranza, cited, “Thank you all for your support, contributions & engagement with CEPA
& NATO. I am in awe and confident that our future is in good hands”.

NATO Assistant Secretary-General for Public Diplomacy – Baiba Braže asserted, “At the panel’ Global Competition on the Rise’ of today’s NATO Youth Summit, the speakers explained how different government cultures and ways to interact with societies could affect relations between states & organizations”.

“Climate change is a national security concern. When we see regional conflict and instability, we can take a closer look and often find that climate change can lead to these types of regional conflicts and breed instability”, CEPA officials stated during the NATO youth summit.