Bulgaria: State railways offering free rides to those fleeing Ukraine
Bulgaria: State railways offering free rides to those fleeing Ukraine

Sofia, Bulgaria: Bulgarian state railways -BDZ that from Tuesday onwards, started providing free transportation to the people coming from Ukraine via Rail services. 

The authorities of BDZ, in a statement, said, “For the purpose, anyone who will be arriving from Ukraine might get a ticket for a train journey of their own choice, on presentation of a daily identity document with which they have crossed the border to the ticket office staff or the train staff”. 


“BDZ serves a total of – 685 railway stations and stops with more than 570 trains per day, thus the company is hoping to be useful in providing transport for the residents arriving from Ukraine in Bulgaria”, the rail officials further added.  

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian National Radio notified that the state agency for refugees of the European country would be sending its “mobile groups to the Bourgas and Varna in order to issue humanitarian status to refugees arriving on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast”. 

European Union also came forward to aid people fleeing Ukraine amid the Russian invasion. On Tuesday, the commission announced to activate the Temporary Protection Directive, offering immediate and effective aid to the individuals who are looking forward to fleeing the European country. 

The above-mentioned proposal of the EU will provide the facility of temporary protection to the ones who are fleeing the war, the commission said. This means that those individuals will get a residence permit for the time while offering them access to education as well as to the labour market.

Besides this, the EU also puts forward the operational guidelines with the motive to provide assistance to the border security forces or guards of the countries that are a part of the commission. These guidelines will help a country in managing the arrivals at the borders with Ukraine, at the same time ensuring a high level of security.