Greece in 'early talks' with Bulgaria to buy nuclear power
Greece in 'early talks' with Bulgaria to buy nuclear power

Sofia, Bulgaria: An agreement possibly will be initiated by the government of Greece for buying more of the nuclear power from the European state of Bulgaria. This comes as both of the countries tries to lower their nuclear energy dependency on Russia. 

The government officials of Bulgaria and Greece are already indulged in the ‘very early stage’ talks on the matter, as per information revealed. 


A source in the government of Greece enlightened some information, saying that a bilateral agreement will be penned down between both the European nations, according to which Greece will purchase a specified quantity of nuclear power to be produced at the new nuclear reactor that Bulgaria may build in its capital city.  

“Bulgaria and Russia are involved in talks of very early stage”, the source notified. 

Although, it is yet not clear at what price the nuclear energy will be purchased by Greece and at what time it will commence. 

The previous week, the Parliament Deputy Prime Minister as well as Finance Minister of Bulgaria – Assen Vassilev, led a Bulgarian delegation to Greece to hold discussions on the numerous energy projects, which also includes nuclear power. 

The Minister, while in conversation with a media house, said, “The fact that there is a buyer of this energy fends off the business risk, and we can start with very quick construction”. 

In addition to this, Bulgarian Energy Minister Alexander Nikolov, on Wednesday, March 2, 2022, said that besides the Greece government, Serbia and North Macedonia have also shown their interest in buying the nuclear-fueled power.    

The previous month, Vassilev hinted that Bulgaria would be establishing additional nuclear power plants, which would assist the European country in strengthening its nuclear power. Then the Finance Minister underscored, “And here our foremost task is to do our homework and get to a decision of what type of energy we will develop“. 


At the present time, Bulgaria holds at least 4 to 5 geothermal technologies and technologies for storing electricity.