Edu Ministry: About 38 percent of students are on distance learning in Bulgaria

On Tuesday, January 25, the education ministry stated that around 266,000 students, which are about 38 percent of the total of Bulgarian schools, have been studying through distance learning.

The ministry further claimed that the number of students attending the face-to-face class had been declined by 20 percent, to 62 percent from 82 percent, this week.


As per the data provided, as many as 787 students were tested positive for Covid-19 last week. The figure was approximately half of the figure 1,348.

The education ministry has said that the positive testing figure was affected by the number of students attending the school.

Out of those who have tested positive, the highest number, 315 students, were tested positive from first to the fourth standard. Whereas, as many as 208 students were tested positive from the fifth to seventh standard, and around 264 were reported positive from the eighth to twelfth standard.

The ministry further said that the number of cases among the teaching and non-teaching staff had witnessed a hike. This week, around 400 teachers were tested positive, out of 24,752 tests and last week, about 366 were tested positive, of 27,000 tests. However, 164 non-teaching staff members were tested positive, this week.

According to the reports, 17,500 students have been attending the classes without being tested for Covid-19; furthermore, more than 50,600 students have the green certificate, either because of vaccination or having antibodies.

The health minister of Bulgaria has stated that to date, around 9.25 percent of high school students have received vaccination against Covid-19.

The school holidays would commence from January 28 and would be reopened on February 7. Meanwhile, the decision on the in-person or online classes would be taken after analysing the Covid-19 situation among the schools in the country.