Bulgarian Defence Minister: No decision on NATO deployment on Russia-Ukraine crisis

The Bulgaria authority is yet to decide on the deployment of NATO forces, and for now, there is no build-up of the forces in the nation, stated Defence Minister Stefan Yanev. The statement was released hours before the Cabinet security meeting on January 25.

The council meeting was scheduled to discuss the crisis and NATO allies’ plans to strengthen the eastern flank. The meet was conducted on the evening of January 25, and a special meeting was scheduled by the Bulgaria National Assembly to discuss the Russia-Ukraine crisis on January 26.


Yanev further claimed that nothing would be concealed by the citizens of the country after the discussion is taken about the deployment of the NATO grounded forces.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov clarified that the deployment of the fighter jets from the Netherlands and Spain was not a sign of an emergency. The jets were deployed following a 2016 air policing agreement with NATO.

Prime Minister said that recommendations would be made in the security council, and later the cabinet’s decision would be taken up to the National Assembly. PM said, “The public would be fully aware of the strategy of the government, and there would be no surprises”.

PM Petkov iterated that the nation wants that the tensions must be de-escalated.

On January 24, NATO shared a statement and notified the deployment as a protective step in eastern Europe as Russia has been continuously building up their army near Ukraine.

According to the reports by the Bulgarian National Radio, Parliament Deputy Speaker Kristian Vigenin mentioned that “the situation at the Ukraine-Russia border has been dramatized”.

Vigenin also said that the special meet, organized on January 26, was unnecessary and was only held at the request of the opposition party, GERB.


He was quoted saying, “We should take the things a little calmly and like a supportive government, we should not scare our citizens”.