Sending jets for repair to Russia at this moment is 'absurd': Prime Minister Petkov
Sending jets for repair to Russia at this moment is 'absurd': Prime Minister Petkov.

Sofia, Bulgaria: Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Kiril Petkov, stated, amid the present situation, the European country will not be sending its’ MiGs fighter jets for repairing in Russia. Prime Minister Petkov made the remarks during his visit to the preliminary reception centre for people fleeing the war in Ukraine at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint.

Statement of the Prime Minister cites, “There is no way for our MiGs fighter jets to be repaired in Russia. That can’t happen right now – sending hundreds of millions to Putin. This is a complete abstraction.”


Following the above statement, he then added, “The question here now arises, is what are we doing so that the Bulgarian sky has enough protection, how do we coordinate with the Alliance. And what are we doing so that Bulgarian pilots can keep their capability to fly with the planes we currently have, are what are the other places where they can be repaired.”

Defining the idea of sending jets for repair as ‘absurd’, Prime Minister Petkov added to his statement, “But the idea at the moment to send these planes to Russia through some secondary companies is completely absurd”. 

PM Petkov underscored the entire safety and security is totally dependent on the ‘municipalities’ coordinated actions’ taken by the country. 

“Bulgaria is NATO, Bulgaria is the EU. Our overall security depends on our municipalities’ coordinated actions. Russia should comply with all of us because it is not normal to have such attack in the 21st century”. 

Meanwhile, Bulgarian Colonel – Vladimir Milenski, speaking on the ongoing conflict between Russian Federation and Ukraine, showed support to the war-torn country. He stated that the Bulgarian government must come forward to provide military assistance to Ukraine of weapons and ammunition.  

Furthermore, explaining his opinion, he added, Bulgaria must do so, as the country’s fighter jets are not of the modern technology and even the pilots have not been trained for the war.