Wondering how to use Google Lens on iPad and iPhone?

Google Lens

Wondering how to use Google Lens on iPad and iPhone? Whether the user wants to translate text, find answers to the equation, or identify plants, Google Lens is a handy image recognition tool. It’s easy to install and use on an iOS device. Google Lens allows searching for answers using the camera on a smartphone or tablet.

Channeling the power of AI, paired with the massive amount of data on Google’s servers, Google Lens can recognize objects and present with relevant information. If the user aims at the plant, then it will identify the species. It can recognize everything from equations and text to landmarks and animals. It can translate foreign language, take the user through algebra homework, and suggest places where the user can buy certain things that the user has spotted. Scan flight tickets and Google can add details to the user’s calendar.


Google Lens is more powerful on iPhone, but it also works on iPad. Here is how to get started. On the Apple store, Google Lens doesn’t have its own dedicated App. Into two different Google apps, its functionality is baked. Which one will be best to use will depend upon how user’s plan to use Google Lens and which device.

The 1st option is Google App. This gives access to a whole range of Google services on the iPhone, including sports updates, personalized news stories, weather info, the full suite of Google search tools, including Google Lens. Install the App, and then Google Lens can be used with a camera on iPhone and searching with images already saved to camera roll. To get started, download the latest version of the Google App from Apple Store.

Users can also install Google Photo App. For iPad, this is the best option. Google Photos is Google’s cloud photo backup service, and it has features for editing and organizing images online. Google Lens is also there. Open any picture from the camera roll in Google Photo App and tap using Google Lens image information can be analyzed. The significant difference is that Google Photos does not search in real-time with iPad and iPhone Camera.

The 1st time if the user tries to open or attempt to use the Google Lens tool, both the Apps are used, it will request access to the photo library from the users. It is necessary to grant permission so that Google can run snaps through its servers. If Google Lens is used in real-time, several of the features require to shoot still of the subject before the software can analyze it.