WHO standing firm with Ukraine, providing needed assistance
WHO standing firm with Ukraine, providing needed assistance

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is making continuous efforts and providing necessary humanitarian assistance to the war-torn country of Ukraine in order to uplift the country’s health sector.

The international health agency cited, “WHO is providing humanitarian aid and working to restore the healthcare system. By mid-June, more than 550 tonnes of supplies had been delivered to the Ukraine humanitarian response”.


WHO so far has also managed to train more than 2,500 healthcare providers on emergency response activities across the European country.

“WHO shipments include wound management supplies, oxygen, insulin, surgical supplies, Anaesthetics and transfusion kits to collect, test, and safely transfuse blood. Oxygen generators, generators to maintain electrical supply in affected health facilities, ambulances, defibrillators, monitors, rehydration salts, gauze, and bandages have also been delivered to Ukraine”, added the health agency.

At least 11839 patients in Ukraine have been provided with trauma and emergency surgery kits. More than 65000 people received medicines, and the other required healthcare equipment, the data shared by WHO then adds, whereas at least 20 ambulances have been provided to the health ministry of Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.

“We have delivered enough trauma and emergency supplies to conduct up to 15900 surgeries. Delivered 26 power generators to hospitals and primary care facilities to meet the energy needs of these health facilities. These critical lifesaving supplies have been distributed to the oblasts, mostly in the east, south and north of the country where the need is greatest”.

The war between Russia-Ukraine enters into the 121st day. Moreover, an additional 28 health attacks have also been reported by the international health agency in Ukraine, taking the total toll to 323 as of June 24, 2022. The attacks took place from February 24 to June 19, killing 76 people and injuring 59, as per the official statistics shared by the health agency.