Ukraine: Mass grave located in Izyum containing 440 victims

In the town of Izyum in Kharkiv Oblast, which was retaken from Russian forces days ago, Ukrainian police have reportedly found a mass grave containing more than 440 victims. According to police, the casualties were caused by continous Russian airstrikes and shelling over Ukraine. Crosses have been placed on the graves

Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine liberated 30 settlements in Kharkiv region, says Zelenskyy

On Friday night, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the people of Ukraine through television. He reported that the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had liberated 30 communities during the Kharkiv counter-offensive operation

Bulgaria refuses Alchin’s Extradition, who criticise Ukraine war

Alexey Alchin, a Russian nationalist living in Varna (Bulgaria) for the past eight years and running a stable business in Bulgaria, protested against Putin's war in Ukraine by publicly burning his Russian passport on 24 February, two days after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Bulgaria: #ГАЗwithme protesters unified last night to support Ukraine

Many citizens gathered in front of the presidency and the parliament buildings in another protest under the slogan #ГАЗwithme on Wednesday evening. The event overlapped with the national holiday in Ukraine

Bulgaria: Kintex pay BGN 212,000 per month as penalty

Kintex is threatened to pay BGN 212,000 per month in fines due to its incapacity to provide ammunition ordered more than half a year ago in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Bulgaria looks to Russia, Turkey, USA, Russia to fulfil Gas shortage

Bulgarian energy minister Rosen Hristov recently announced that Bulgaria decided to negotiate with gas companies from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia to guarantee the necessary quantities of gas supplies needed for the winter

Bulgaria: Stars from Israel, US, Ukraine to perform at 2022 International Bansko Jazz Festival

Bulgaria is all set to perform at the 2022 International Bansko Jazz Festival at mountain resort town from August 6 to 13, where stars from Israel, the US, Ukraine and many other nations are to perform at the event.

Bulgaria strongly criticizes Russia’s attack on port of Odesa

Bulgaria vigorously criticized Russia's attack on the port of Odesa and asked for complete and unobstructed execution of the agreement on wheat exports from Ukraine, said the Foreign Ministry in Sofia through a Twitter post on Sunday, July 24.

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St Kitts and Nevis:  Prime Minister Terrance Drew welcomes Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Tourism Ahmed Agil Khateeb

Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: On Thursday afternoon, May 25, 2023, Terrance Drew, Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, welcomed Ahmed Agil Khateeb, the Saudi Arabian Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD)
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Record number of publications and books at 16th Spring Book Fair

The largest outdoor book event this year will be held from May 29 (Monday) to June 4 (Sunday) in the space in front of the National Palace of Culture. This year, there's a record number of entries, titles and premieres - over 14,000 books from 144 publishers will be looking for their readers during 80 literary events during fair week

Tourism Ministry to sign framework agreement with Association of Restaurants and Hotels; Ilin Dimitrov

Sofia, Bulgaria: Ilin Dimitrov, the Tourism Minister of Bulgaria, informed through his social media account that the Ministry of Tourism will sign a framework agreement with the Association of Restaurants and Hotels Schools in Bulgaria

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Interesting facts about Cristiano Ronaldo no one talks about

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most iconic football players in football history, who have scored the highest number of goals, 834 and still counting. The Portuguese have been playing for almost two decades for country and club and have achieved numerous records practically impossible to break

World Citizenship Report 2023 by CS Global Partners ranks Denmark at top

World Citizenship Report 2023 was released by London-based government advisory and marketing firm CS Global Partners on April 20, 2023.