Tragic Landslide in Papua New Guinea’s Enga Province Claims Thousands of Lives

The National Disaster Center has reported a tragic increase in the death toll, initially estimated at around 100, as rescue teams continue their struggle against immense challenges in the search for survivors

Diverse weather palette: Bulgaria braces for weekend mix of rain, snow, and chills

Temperature-wise, the day will showcase a range from lows of minus 3°C to 2°C, with the capital city, Sofia, experiencing a slightly milder low of minus 1°C. Highs will fluctuate between 1°C and 6°C across the nation, reaching a peak of 3°C in Sofia

Weather Alert: Changing conditions ahead with rain, snow, and cold snap forecasted

Rainfall will initiate from the northwest, extending to the extreme southeastern regions with the potential for thunderstorms. Eastern Bulgaria is anticipated to experience more substantial precipitation, creating varying conditions nationwide

Orange code alert in Gabrovo; Rainfall, thunderstorms and hail possible in afternoon

Gabrovo, Bulgaria: The Gabrovo Municipality informed through its social media account that NIMH-MOSV announced for the second consecutive day / 26.07.2023 / "orange code" for high temperatures up to 41 ° for the Gabrovo region. Rainfall, thunderstorms and hail are possible in the afternoon

Bulgaria: Govt to repair, reconstruct over 100 homes destroyed in floods in Burgas

A building expert will gradually evaluate almost 100 homes in the villages of Bogdan, Karavelovo, and Slatina over the following days, devastated by the floods that occurred early this month. The poll results will be used to determine whether the properties should be repaired or demolished

Bulgaria: Low temperature across Bulgaria, weather still remains sunny

Most of the day is supposed to be sunny in Bulgaria, and the morning lows will range from 4 to 9 degrees. The daytime temperature will climb, and there will be a mild southerly wind. In Sofia, the average maximum temperature is expected to be around 18 and 23 degrees

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Severe Storms with Hail Causes Extensive Damage in Sliven and Surrounding Areas

Hailstones, ranging in size from hazelnuts to walnuts, devastated residential and agricultural areas. Power outages occurred in Sliven's eastern villa area, with repair crews from "Electrorazpradelenie Yug" (Power Distribution South) mobilized to address the disruptions and restore electricity
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Bulgaria Introduces New National ID Cards with Biometric Features for Enhanced Security

This significant change aims to bolster the security of the document and streamline travel and verification processes. The new ID cards are expected to make border crossings easier for Bulgarians traveling to EU countries

Swift Action Prevents Disaster as Fire Erupts on Sofia-Burgas Express Train

The incident occurred at approximately 3:05 p.m., when the locomotive of the express train, carrying 80 passengers, caught fire near the entrance signal of the "Vladimir Pavlov" station in the western part of Burgas

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Cable Car Project to increase tourism opportunities in Dominica: PM Skerrit

Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit recently visited the site of the m, breaking newsost anticipated Cable Car project in the country

PM Roosevelt Skerrit asks developed nations to support SIDS against climate change

PM Roosevelt Skerrit stressed that developed nations must support the Small Island Nations in their struggle against Climate Change