Deputy Culture Minister Viktor Stoyanov participates in 1000th anniversary of Suprasil Orthodox Monastery

Sofia, Bulgaria: Deputy Minister of Culture Viktor Stoyanov participated in the celebrations in Poland dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of establishing the remarkable monument to Bulgarian literature - the Suprasilian ("Retkov") collection

Bulgaria: Women’s street football team finishes 4th in Wroclaw

Wroclaw, Poland: Bulgaria's women's national street football team finished fourth out of seven teams in its first participation in the solid international tournament Wroclaw Cup in Poland

Bulgarian Women’s Street Football National Team begin participation in Wroclaw Cup with Victory

Bulgarian women's national street football team began with a victory in its participation in the strong international tournament Wroclaw Cup in Poland. The Bulgarian women beat Poland's second team 8:2 in the format with three fielders and a goalkeeper

Bulgaria signs deal with Polish defence firm to renovate six MIG-29 jet engines

Sofia, Bulgaria: Bulgaria has signed a deal with the Polish defence company Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze for the renovation of 6 MIG-29 fighter jet engines. Bulgaria currently has 13 MiG-29 fighters, six of which need renovation and new engine parts

Vladimir Zografski beats elite for new Grand Prix victory

The Bulgarian best ski jumper Vladimir Zografski achieved a second consecutive victory in a start from Gran on the chain. Tonight he triumphed at the slight chance in Schchirk (Poland) in the competition of big names in sports such as David Kubacki, Camil Stoch, Peter Gila, Machei Kot, Gregor Deschvander and Robert Johansson

European Games Kraków: Bulgaria won four out of five badminton games

The Bulgarian Badminton Federation announced that Bulgarian Olympic Team won four of their five matches on the first day of the badminton tournament at the European Games Krakow-Małopolska 2023 Badminton Europe in Krakow (Poland)

“At least one less Leopard 2A4 tank”, mocks Russian embassy as two tanks collide during training

A German-made Leopard 2A4 main battle tank was destroyed in Poland during training when two tanks collided, the Russian Embassy in London announced via their official Facebook page

Farmers in Bulgaria, Romania & Poland protest over oversupply of Ukrainian grain

Farmers in Romania and Bulgaria protest over the oversupply of Ukrainian grain in local markets, which damages support for Ukraine. Poland's agricultural minister has stepped down. Ukrainian agricultural exports to the EU increased significantly in 2022 and reached $12.9 billion due to the EU opening its market to these goods

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Saint Lucia: DPM Ernest Hilaire attends ‘Blaze In Blue’ celebration

Castries, Saint Lucia: Ernest Hilaire, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism of Saint Lucia, attended the 'Blaze In Blue' celebration hosted by Saint Lucia Tourism Ministry on World Tourism Day
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Botev supporters can access some stands following club’s request to reduce sanction

Following the decision of AK to the BFS, the penalty was changed to the partial closure of the Hristo Botev Stadium for the upcoming match. Supporters of the "yellow and black" will be able to support the team from the following stands

Gergana Pavlova heads to quarterfinals with two consecutive victories

Zagreb, Croatia: Gergana Pavlova, the young 20-year-old Bulgarian Badminton player, has reached the quarterfinals of the Victor Croatian International badminton tournament in Zagreb, Croatia, by achieving two consecutive victories in the main scheme

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Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s hidden gem with 3,000 years of history & architecture influenced by 3 different continents

Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Known as Bulgaria's ancient city built around seen hills, Plovdiv is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and worldwide. The region has more than 3,000 years of history and architecture influenced by three continents; there's nowhere else like it

12 Reasons Why Cities Need More Trees

It is essential for the world to plant a trillion more trees to prevent a climate crisis and reduce temperatures. The lack of trees and failure to produce new ones has lead to soil erosion, increased temperatures, and several other issues that the world is currently facing. Here are the 12 reasons mentioned below why planting more trees is essential