Pakistan struggles to obtain necessary medications due to current economic problems

Due to Pakistan's ongoing economic crisis, patients have been struggling to obtain the necessary medications. Pakistan's capacity to buy the required medications or the Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API) utilised in local production has been affected by the shortage of foreign exchange reserves in the nation

Pakistani government maintains calmness despite the IMF loan deadlock

According to Dawn, the Pakistani government is maintaining a brave face despite the stalemate over obtaining IMF assistance required to stop a possible national collapse

EU predicts GDP growth of 2.1% for Bulgaria in 2022

The Commission, on Monday, in its Spring 2022 Economic Forecast, stated that amid the Russian military invasion, there had been a significant hike in the energy commodity prices the businesses will curtail wage growth and investments.

Economic growth of 4.5% for Bulgaria in 2023: IMF

Meanwhile, for the forthcoming year (2023), economic growth of 4.5% is expected by IMF for the European nation, as per the information shared in the April 2022 edition of its World Economic Outlook (WEO) report.

IMF predicts GDP growth of 3% for Bulgaria, double inflation

International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted that the gross domestic product (GDP) of Bulgaria would witness a soar of 3% this fiscal year, doubling the inflation numbers.

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‘We Continue the Change’ strongly criticizes President Radev for neglecting assembly’s decision to arm Ukraine

Coalition "We continue the change - Democratic Bulgaria" sharply opposes President Rumen Radev's another attempt to neglect the decisions of the National Assembly. And, along with its official government, to take positions and make decisions that contradict Bulgaria's interests and threaten its security, separating it from its EU and NATO allies
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Botev resumes Educational seminars with European managers, invites Nikos Karauzas

Botev continues a series of open educational seminars with the participation of top football club managers in Europe. The second guest speaker of the series, which took place on 24.03, was the sales director of the Greek AEK, Nikos Karauzas

Taiwan tracked 10 Chinese fighter jets & 2 Navy Ships

Ten Chinese military aircraft and two navy ships were tracked by Taiwan, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND), between 6 a.m. on Monday (March 20) and 6 a.m

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Educational research, significance and why its important

"Educational research" refers to the effort to understand the educational process, usually to improve its effectiveness. It is an adaptation of the scientific method to investigate academic issues. Using a scientific analysis approach is more serious, focused, and intense

Russians willing to pay $10,000 for head of Wasim, paratrooper of 95th assault brigade

According to the information provided by 95 separate amphibious assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russians are willing to pay $10,000 for the head of Wasim, a paratrooper of the 95th assault brigade deployed over the line of Control