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Migration is not national but common European problem; Boyko Borisov

Former Prime Minister and GERB's leader Boyko Borisov reported that Migration is not a national but a common European problem. The increased migration pressure to Europe needs Bulgaria to resist together for common borders

Borisov is responsible if Plovdiv Fair chartered to Gergov, says Ivanov

Hristo Ivanov, a Member of the Bulgarian National Assembly, stated that If the Plovdiv Fair is chartered to Georgi Gergov, Boyko Borisov will personally be responsible. This perfectly illustrates the relationship between Russian influence and corruption in our country

Boyko Borissov compliments GERB-SDS PG for assisting Ukraine during Crises

Former Prime Minister and GERB leader Boyko Borissov congratulated the GERB-SDS PG for providing military and military-technical assistance to Ukraine

Ecumenical Patriarchate awarded Borrisov for assisting in restoration of Church St. Stephen in Istanbul

Former Prime minister and GERB Leader Boyko Borrisov received a special award from the Ecumenical Patriarchate in recognition of his assistance with the restoration of the Church  St. Stephen Balatas

”GERB is not a lifeline for We Continue the Change,” says Borissov

''I will not get involved in the qualifications and interpretation of the word "charlatan" that the mentor who created them uses for the party of change,'' said former Prime Minister Borisov during the press conference

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Armed Robbery Attempt at Shivachevo Town Hall: Assailants Target ATM, Security Guard Escapes Unharmed

The assailants' primary target was an ATM inside the building, with the clear intention of stealing cash, according to reports from bTV. The robbery attempt, which occurred around 5:00 AM, saw the perpetrators firing shots at the on-duty security guard
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European Court of Human Rights Criticizes Bulgaria’s Asset Confiscation Practices

The court found that Bulgarian authorities failed to establish a clear link between confiscated properties and the crimes for which individuals were convicted, consolidating five complaints into a single case

Train Collision at Sofia Central Station Results in Minor Injuries and Service Disruptions

Transport Minister Georgi Gvozdeikov confirmed that the incident occurred around 4:40 PM when a stationary train bound for Plovdiv was struck from behind by another train performing a maneuver with three carriages

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Shocking Trend: Nipple Thefts in Thailand Linked to Breast Surgeries

Uncover the shocking news of nipple thefts in Thailand amid the surge in breast surgeries. A cautionary alert for those considering cosmetic procedures abroad. Stay informed, stay vigilant

Bulgaria witnesses red aurora lights, the rarest of a rare phenomenon

Bulgaria observes an unusual red glow in the skies believed to be red Aurora lights. The rare phenomenon causes multicoloured lights to dance in the sky. The red and magenta colours were the most dominant