PM Terrance Drew applauds Special Olympics team for performing astonishingly in Berlin

Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: Terrance Drew, Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, extended his heartfelt congratulations to the Special Olympics team of St Kitts and Nevis who represented the country during the Special Olympics that took place in Berlin (Germany) in 2023

European Games Kraków: Bulgaria won four out of five badminton games

The Bulgarian Badminton Federation announced that Bulgarian Olympic Team won four of their five matches on the first day of the badminton tournament at the European Games Krakow-Małopolska 2023 Badminton Europe in Krakow (Poland)

Bulgaria: Bronze for Badminton team in Mixed doubles at 2023 Special Olympics Summer Games Berlin

June 21, 2023, Berlin: The athletes from the badminton team of Special Olympics Bulgaria won a bronze medal after very tense finals in the mixed doubles division of the World Summer Games in Berlin '2023

Brutal Berlin arrest resulted in death of Bulgarian citizen

In Berlin-Brandenburg, the police came under fire when a 45-year-old man died in detention. Forcible suffocation was most likely the cause of death

Ilin Dimitrov & Bulgarian ambassador to Germany attends Balneology event in Berlin

Tourism Minister Ilin Dimitrov reported that yesterday, March 9, 2023, a reception on the topic "Bulgarian Health Tourism" was held at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Berlin. The Bulgarian Union organized the event for Balneology and SPA (BUBSPA) and GBITK

Bulgaria: After Poland’s success, Tourism Ministry organized roadshow in Germany

Minister Dimitrov reported that Tourism Ministry organized a roadshow in Germany after the success in Poland. Over three hundred companies in six cities participated during the roadshow, and over 1200 meetings were held

Bulgaria remarks 114 years of independence from Ottoman empire

Even though Bulgaria was liberated in 1878 due to the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation, the Principality of Bulgaria was declared an ally of the Ottoman Empire by the Treaty of Berlin, putting the independent Bulgarian state under the control of the Sublime Porte

Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister is on official visit to Berlin

Both dignitaries are also expected to hold a discussion on bilateral cooperation in tourism and several ways to strengthen the diplomatic ties between the countries.

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Bulgarian President Radev: Victory Over Russia Impossible, Urges End to Ukraine War

Speaking to journalists in light of the recent assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, Radev underscored the escalating dangers posed by the conflict, which he warned are beginning to ripple across Europe
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Bulgarian Navy Safely Neutralizes Sea Mine Threat Near Varna

Bulgarian Navy successfully eliminated a potentially hazardous sea mine located just two miles east of Pasha Dere, a popular beach approximately 19 kilometers from the bustling city of Varna

PM Roosevelt Skerrit meets Bellevue Chopin Primary School students, discusses plans for school building

The young generation and young minds are the future of Dominica and it was an honour to spend time with them, emphasised PM Roosevelt Skerrit.

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Bulgaria witnesses red aurora lights, the rarest of a rare phenomenon

Bulgaria observes an unusual red glow in the skies believed to be red Aurora lights. The rare phenomenon causes multicoloured lights to dance in the sky. The red and magenta colours were the most dominant