The Biden-Putin summit was beneficial for Russia but not for the USA according to Trump.

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday night that his successor’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin was a “good day for Russia”, adding that “I don’t know what we got from it.” “We got nothing. We gave Russia a big stage, but got nothing,” Trump told “Hannity” of Fox News. 

“We gave up something very valuable. I stopped the pipeline, Nord Stream, and then the pipeline stopped. It was returned, but I got nothing.” The Biden administration announced last month that it had waived sanctions on the Russian-owned and Swiss-headquartered company Nord Stream 2 AG, which oversees the construction of a natural gas pipeline connecting Russia. And Germany under the Black Sea. Legislators on both sides regarded Beixi 2 as a security risk, harming the interests of NATO and the United States by linking Germany with Russia and depriving Ukraine of major income. Biden told reporters on May 26: “I think that continuing to impose sanctions will backfire on our European relations. You know how strong my feelings are. I hope we can work hard on how they handle this matter. Start now.” 


Trump imposed sanctions when he signed the annual defense bill at the end of 2019, criticizing Germany and other European allies of the United States for shifting energy demand to Russia. Former President Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 16th, 2018. “I went to Germany and I said:’Listen, we use NATO to protect you at a very low cost’… We have 52,000 soldiers there. Frankly speaking, this is like an important city. They made a fortune with us, and then they went to pay Russia billions of dollars in energy. “So I said to Angela [Merkel], ‘Let’s figure this out.’ I said:’We Protecting you. For the people we protect you from the country, you are paying billions of dollars. How does this work? “The former president went on to say that European countries” messed up us in trade. This is the only word that is really adequate because in many ways they are worse than China, or as bad as China in terms of trade. 

Since Biden gave up sanctions on the North Stream Gas Pipeline 2, President Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin met in Geneva on June 15, 2021. “How many Chevrolets are sold in Berlin? Not too many. How many Chevrolets are sold in Paris? Not too many, maybe not. However, we sell their products, their wines, their cars, their Mercedes, their BMW and everything else nationwide.” Back at the summit between Biden and Putin, Trump told the host Sean Hannity, “We get along with the Russian leaders. well. “I think we have a great opportunity to build an incredible relationship with Russia,” the former president said. “It could have been great. It could be good for both countries. You know, they need the economy, and we need what they have. They own very valuable land in mining rights and many other areas, and a lot of good things can happen. “The relationship with Putin is very good, but no one is harsher on him. “