Effective January 22 to 28, the adopted measures closely mirror those already in the Smolyan region
Effective January 22 to 28, the adopted measures closely mirror those already in the Smolyan region

The regions of Gabrovo and Plovdiv in Bulgaria have declared a flu epidemic following the earlier declaration in the Smolyan region.

This move has triggered the implementation of temporary measures aimed at curbing the spread of the flu and protecting the local population’s health.

Effective January 22 to 28, the adopted measures closely mirror those already in the Smolyan region.

These measures include suspending planned consultations for healthy pregnant women and children, a halt to preventive examinations, and suspending mandatory immunizations and reimmunizations.

Stringent daily screenings are now enforced in nurseries, kindergartens, and schools, with visits to medical facilities and social institutions for children and adults prohibited.

The Ministry of Health underscores the critical importance of these preventive measures as influenza viruses continue circulating across the country.

The goal is not only to contain the flu but also to mitigate the risk of spreading other respiratory diseases, including the ongoing battle against the coronavirus.

The adoption of these measures signals a united effort to address the growing concern over the rise in flu cases.

Health officials emphasize that the temporary restrictions are crucial in minimizing the impact of the epidemic and protecting vulnerable populations, such as pregnant women and children.

The Ministry of Health further advocates for the public’s cooperation in adhering to recommended preventive measures.

Wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance during gatherings are strongly encouraged to prevent the transmission of influenza, coronavirus, and other acute respiratory diseases. These precautions are particularly crucial in crowded settings, where the risk of contagion is higher.

While these measures may pose inconveniences, they are essential to safeguard public health. The decision to enforce restrictions in Gabrovo and Plovdiv reflects the proactive stance of local authorities in the face of a public health crisis.

The temporary suspension of certain medical services and the strict screening protocols underscore the commitment to prioritize the well-being of the community.

Local residents are urged to stay informed about the latest developments and follow guidelines issued by health authorities. Timely and accurate information will be crucial in managing the situation effectively and preventing the further spread of the flu.

Health officials closely monitor the situation as the flu epidemic unfolds in these regions.

Additional measures may be implemented if the need arises, and the public is encouraged to remain vigilant and cooperative in the collective effort to combat the flu and protect public health.

In the coming days, as the temporary measures take effect, communities in Gabrovo and Plovdiv will be working together to navigate this challenging period.

The collaboration of residents, healthcare professionals, and local authorities will be instrumental in overcoming the current health crisis and ensuring a swift return to normalcy.


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