PM Pierre with the members of Ministry of Finance during 2024/25 budget preparation. (Credits: Philip J. Pierre, Facebook)
PM Pierre with the members of Ministry of Finance during 2024/25 budget preparation. (Credits: Philip J. Pierre, Facebook)

Castries, Saint Lucia: The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Philip J Pierre, drafted the 2024/25 Budget with his team from the Ministry of Finance on December 28, 2023.

It is to be noted that the budget is being prepared while keeping in mind the benefits of the people of the Federation by implementing the programmes and policies of the government.


“The 2024/25 budget preparations continue with my team from the Ministry of Finance. I look forward to a year of productivity and implementing the programmes and policies of the government to benefit you, the people of Saint Lucia”, the prime minister added.

Additionally, while delivering relief and providing timely interventions to protect Saint Lucians from the longstanding effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia- Ukraine war and its resulting external economic shocks remained a priority for PM Pierre and his Cabinet of Ministers.

In May 2023, the daily realities of the average Saint Lucian family and household formed the basis of the Prime Minister’s 2023-24 budget. The benefits that were given to the citizens are as follows,

– Public Healthcare for senior citizens aged 80 and above would be free of charge

– Government pensioners received a one-off $600 payment each in November 2023

– Teachers got a one-off allowance increase of $600 in August 2023

– Every registered fisher received a fuel rebate of $1 per gallon


Promises Delivered

– Provided scholarships in keeping with the policy of one university graduate per household in Saint Lucia.

– Added 1000 families to the Public Assistance Programme.

– Allocated $7 million to the Home Care Programme.

– Provided an additional $10 million to provide social assistance to the needy for electricity bills and burial costs.


– Provided fuel subsidy, flour, rice and sugar.

– In December 2022, the government of Saint Lucia paid $6.8 million in backpay to public servants.

– Paid facilities fees to 24,000 school students, which was $2.6 million.

– 1200 MIFI devices to households.

– Paid CXC Maths and English fees for all the secondary students.

Notably, PM Pierre took to his official Facebook handle to share glimpses of the revenue (budget) preparation. Many people showed their confidence and delight in the Saint Lucian government by commenting on the post.

One such comment, by the person Norman Edward, read as, “With the people, by the people, for the people. PJP, you’re heavenly blessed.”

Another person, named Austina Fanus, commented, “Hon Prime Minister, you continue to demonstrate that the business of the people and country is the focal point and centric to your leadership. A Prime Minister of the people, for the people and by the people!”