Economic and Political Instability in Bulgaria
Economic and Political Instability in Bulgaria

Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria will be held on October 02, 2022, its fourth in the last two years. Economic and political uncertainty due to the country’s fragile coalition led to the Government’s collapse in only eight months.

The four-party coalition came to an end when the populist There Is Such a People party (ITN) pulled out on June 08, 2022. The famous Tv personality Slavi Trifinov and the official public face of the There Is Such a People party (ITN) have been in conflict with PP for the country’s budget.


In Bulgaria’s history, the Petkov- led Government became the first to be defeated in a no-confidence vote on June 22, 2022, which resulted in massive pro- Government protests in Sofia and other major cities across the whole country.

Afterwards, Petkov Government took one last major decision, which officially stepped down on August 02, 2022. It was the controversial decision to accept the french compromise and lift the Bulgarian Veto on North Macedonia’s path to joining the EU.

No party was able and willing to form a coalition. President Rumen Radev was left with no choice but to choose another option, call for an election on October 02, 2022, and give all the power to the caretaker administration to run the country until that time.

According to Emil Sokolov, Bulgarian political commentator President Radev who has installed a caretaker Government might be able to negotiate with Russian energy in huge Gazprom to get back Russian gas deliveries back to the nation. He added that the PP Democratic Bulgaria represents the youth of the cities who are simply pro-Western, and coalition with socialists was impossible due to this.

During this economic crisis thinking about minimum wages and tax policy will be very important to protect thousands of innocent Bulgarians from getting trapped in the vicious circle of poverty so that people with low incomes will not suffer from this crisis