Bulgaria will never negotiate with Gazprom: Deputy PM Vassilev
Bulgaria will never negotiate with Gazprom: Deputy PM Vassilev

Deputy Prime Minister Assen Vassilev speaking with a media house stated that the European country will never be on the negotiation table with Russia’s Gazprom ever again. The remarks were made on Thursday.

He then highlighted the current circumstances stating that Bulgaria was not the one who ended the gas supply agreement with the Russian company.


Defending his statement in the Parliament, the Deputy Prime Minister added, “Bulgaria will never again negotiate with Gazprom for supplies. If we sign a contract with Gazprom now and they halt the gas in the month of February, we will be left without gas for the industry and without heating for the people”.

Following the above statement, he then added, “When someone stops your gas, even though you are paying & fulfilling your contract, you cannot count on the same individual not to stop your gas when you are in a difficult situation. We have an unreliable partner, proven unreliable”.

Gazprom initially banned the supply of gas to the European country of Bulgaria and Poland after both the countries refused to make the payments in the demanded currency by the Balkan state.

In the month of June, the price of natural gas in Bulgaria actually fell by 13%. The new price stands for €71.5 per MWh.

From next month, Bulgaria will receive gas supply via the Greece-Bulgaria gas interconnector, which will provide one billion cubic metres of gas from Azerbaijan to the European country. The gas will be provided at a lower cost as compared to that of provided by the Russian Federation’s Gazprom.

Before the beginning of the autumn season, Bulgaria will have enough of the necessary gas to supply to the European nation.

Earlier this month, the Bulgarian energy regulator, this gas connection with Greece carried great consequences in terms of the security of gas supplies and the formation of favourable prices for consumers in Bulgaria.