British Ambassador Hopkins attends Festival of Bulgarian Folklore Dances
British Ambassador Hopkins attends Festival of Bulgarian Folklore Dances

Sofia, Bulgaria: British Ambassador to Denmark – Emma Hopkins is in Bulgaria and attended the Festival of Bulgarian Folklore Dances yesterday, May 28, 2022.  

She then thanked the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Kingdom of Denmark – Svetlan Stoev, for inviting her to the event. 

Hopkins stated, “Thank you, Svetlan Stoev, for inviting me to the Festival of Bulgarian Folklore Dances this afternoon in Copenhagen. Brought back such happy memories of my five years in Bulgaria. Great to feel Bulgarian hospitality once more”. 

During the function, Hopkins also met with the Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Iotova, citing that she was grateful to meet and expressed her desire to work together. 

“Wonderful to catch up with Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Iotova today in Copenhagen. The fantastic collaboration together on the Ambassador for a Day whilst I was in Bulgaria. Hope we can work together again on promoting female leaders in the future”. 

Significance of the festival – 

The Koprivshtitsa national folklore festival observes dance and singing ensembles from far and wide. The mega-event is held once every five years in the Voyvodenets locality nearby; it invites contestants to show off the folklore of their region. Folk tales are recounted, and folk customs are presented.

The festival showcases the rich heritage and culture of the European country. The contestants who participate in the event express their eagerness to show their knowledge of Bulgarian folklore are enticed. 

Apart from this, the country is also quite famous for its international folk dance festivals, which take place every year in different parts of the Balkan state. 

Zheravna Festival in the Balkans depicts national outfits in the festival in Dobromeritsa park. The participants are needed to wear national costume, which is either authentic or stylized. 

The festival was celebrated with full enthusiasm among the spectators as well as the participants.