Bulgaria will no longer take Russian gas, after contract ends in 2022
Bulgaria will no longer take Russian gas, after contract ends in 2022.

Sofia, Bulgaria: The chairman of the board of public gas supplier Bulgargaz – Ivan Topchiyski, in conversation with private broadcaster bTV, said that the European country would be capable of enveloping its’ “energy consumption needs” on the completion of its contract with Russia’s Gazprom. 

This cover of energy needs will be via the alternative sources of natural gas. Giving further enlightenment on the plan, he added, an agreement will be penned down by the Bulgarian government with Azerbaijan, possibly in the ongoing year, after June 30. This plan will comprise all the potential purchases of all available gas volumes.  


He further added that importing liquefied natural gas is also part of the plan, adding that it will assist the Bulgarian government in expanding the energy supply of the country. 

Bulgaria, for the present time, relies 90% on Russian gas, Topchiyski furthermore informed. Currently, the European country utilises two liquefied gas terminals in Greece and five in Turkey. 

Although, he clearly denied commenting on the ongoing negotiations related to the Gazprom contract. He then cited the government of the European country is already working on sources to obtain the volumes which for the present time are being provided by the Russian gas imports. 

Russia’s Gazprom, earlier this week, in its statement, notified that there had been an increase of 24 percent (year on year) in the first half of March. Reports are also that the planned gas linked with Greece might be deferred till the autumn season, as per the government sources. 

At the beginning of the ongoing month, the Bulgarian Prime Minister – Kiril Petkov, stated, “Bulgaria will be supporting all kinds of actions because we stand firm really against the war, but these two – (oil and gas), might be we would ask for an exception. We don’t have current alternatives right now; we are too dependent”.