Delta will give iPhone 12 to flight attendants!


To strengthen the travel experience for all passengers, U.S. airline Delta will equip every one of its over 19,000 flight attendants with an iPhone 12, in U.S. airline Delta will provide every one of its over 19,000 flight attendants with an iPhone 12. The announcement was made on 28 April 2021. To improve the customer experience currently, staff use handheld SkyPro devices for a range of activities. Late this summer, the program will start.

The new partnership would mean all 19,000 flight attendants will be able to use the new iPhone 12 to check inventory instantly, speed up check-in, answer queries, assist passengers. The network company AT&T is included in this, and this means that staff will be able to use the devices anywhere. Delta will be the 1st airline to have complete access to the 5G network using AT&T’s coverage. iPhones will be handed in the late summer and will come equipped with the airline’s SkyPro app.


Usage of the iPhone 12 for Delta crew –

Crew members using SkyPro will be able to access safety and training videos with ease. Augmented Reality (AR) features and videos are included in this. The crew will locate catering items, check inventory and other essential objects onboard using the iPhone camera. By pointing the camera at cupboards and closed doors, the crew can see where things are stored and what needs to be replaced.

The primary purpose of the upgraded service is to improve the customer experience and minimize paper usage. At the touch of a button, the crew will be able to access information. Delta will also work with both AT&T and Apple to see how the phones could help in new technology to improve the customer experience.

According to Delta, “As accelerating vaccination rates drive renewed demand for travel and human connection, Delta is prepared to embrace our customers once again with an experience even better than the one they knew before the pandemic.” The company has equipped flight attendants and pilots with iPhones and iPads in the past.