Woman kept burger for 5 yrs as an experiment, get stunned by result .
Woman kept burger for 5 yrs as an experiment, get stunned by result.

World: Burgers are one of the most-loved food items by people across the globe. Every food outlet offers different types of tastes in their Burger, for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians. But is one willing to give up Burger for an experiment? The answer to the questions seems to be yes. A United States woman – Megan Condry, stored Burger for five years to see the outcome and was then shocked to witness the results. 

As per the information shared by the lady on her social media platform, the woman went to the drive-thru and bought a McDonald’s cheeseburger in the year 2017, which she kept in the backseat of her car, and then forgot to eat it. 


After five days, while cleaning the car, Condry sees the Burger left eaten in the vehicle, which enlightened a weird idea in her mind to store the Burger for five years. She was shocked to see that even after so many days, the Burger was in the same condition she purchased; neither was it rotten or smelled. 

The caption of the woman notes, “OMG, I found my McDonalds cheeseburger from 11/5/2017 I saved. It looks exactly the same, just hard as a rock. Crazy. So many preservatives, the patty and cheese are still there, just hard as a rock. Upset I lost the receipt I saved with it.”

“I bought it for lunch 1 day on way to work & forgot about it and then found it on my backseat five days later. I then decided to keep it because, in the five days, it had not moulded, smelled or looked bad, so I wanted to see what a few years would do. It has been in my closet since in a bag. No smell, mould, looks like the day I bought it“. 

Netizens are going crazy and also expressed their shock over the experiment done by the lady.

One of the users asked her on a Facebook post whether she had the bite of the Burger, to which Condry replied that the “food was so hard to consume”.