Pope Francis’ aide Cardinal Pietro Parolin tests positive for Covid-19

On Tuesday, a spokesman for the Holy See said that the Vatican’s advisor and top diplomat to Pope Francis, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, has tested positive to Covid-19. Reportedly, the advisor was exhibiting “mild symptoms” and is in isolation.

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said the country’s deputy secretary of state, Venezuelan Archbishop Edgar Pena Parra, tested positive for virus after the 67-year-old cardinal.


Bruni further said that he was asymptomatic and is also in isolation.

Meanwhile, both have been administrated with the vaccine against Covid-19. Pope Francis has also taken vaccination, and he is among those who speaks and argues in favour of vaccination. Yet, he has been regularly seen without face masks in public and does not hesitate to shake hands with his faithful.

According to an order signed by the Vatican government on January 5, the restriction to curb the Covid-19 has been tightened. The restrictions were announced by Cardinal Parolin; he said, “It is urgent to take appropriate measures to control Covid-19 across the nation as current health situation in the country is continuously worsening”.

The governance has made it mandatory to wear an FFP2 face mask, and vaccination and booster shots are also compulsory for employees and visitors of the Vatican Museums and gardens.

The Governorate has made it compulsory to use FFP2 masks in all closed spaces and other types of masks in open places, according to the health regulations. The order further said that people who will not follow the new regulations have to pay a fine. Reportedly, the fines may range between $28 and $1,700.

The rules further advised that the flyers entering the country must self-quarantine for 14 days, and before entering, their temperature is supposed to be checked.