Covid-19: Bulgaria sets daily record; around 10,000 citizens tested positive in a day

The situation of Covid-19 is getting worst day by day in Bulgaria. On Tuesday, the nation set a daily record as it reported around 10,000 cases in the past 24 hours.

According to the health ministry, on January 18, the country registered 9,996 Covid-19 cases, taking the tally to 830,604. The previous record was 7,062 new cases, reported on Wednesday last week.


Around 161 people have lost their lives during the same time period due to Covid-19, bringing the death total to 32,247. According to the ministry, 5,223 patients are admitted to the hospital, of these 829 people admitted during the past day.

As many as 541 people are admitted into the intensive care units (ICU), 16 lesser than the previous day (January 17).

In the last 24 hours, 551 patients have recovered from the virus, bringing the nation’s recoveries to 637,596.

At the same time, 93 medical members have tested positive for the deadly virus. The total of the same has reached up to 18,957.

Reportedly, on January 17, 13,723 people took vaccination doses in Bulgaria. Now, the count of vaccinated citizens in the country is 4,020,717. Meanwhile, 1,964,692 people have taken complete vaccination, and 512,621 people have taken the booster dose.

In accordance to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, only 28.3 percent of the residents of Bulgaria have taken complete doses of vaccination against Covid-19. The country ranks the lowest in the European Union.

On January 18, the dark red zones in the country also witnessed a hike. 24 out of 28 districts in Bulgaria have been classified as the dark red zones, according to the latest update. It further said that the morbidity rate due to Covid-19, on a 14-day basis, is 1144.3 per 100,000 population.