GERB leader Boyko Borissov stated,

GERB leader Boyko Borissov stated, “Today’s EC meeting made it clear that the Recovery and Sustainability Plan (PVU) commitments made by Kiril Petkov’s administration will have long-term effects on our nation. Because we let down the Harvard scam of crooks to their pleasure”.

“On page 113 of the PVU, it clearly states that harmful emissions should be reduced by 40% on a 2019 basis. I’ve always supported the Green Deal and knew these plants would go down. But we have invested billions in them to protect nature. Currently, the Balkans lack gas, oil and electricity. From exporter, we will become importer”.


He stressed that Bulgaria is buying expensive electricity. Due to the coordination of Kiril Petkov and Assen Vasilev, Bulgaria is losing BGN 4 billion per year. He noted, ”The strange thing is that non-EU countries surround Bulgaria, and the same rules do not apply to them.

Borissov stated, ”No matter how angry GERB-SDS MPs are, it’s all over. We can’t be mad at the EC because it is the leader of the Green Deal. What Bulgarians did ourselves, no one can do to us because there were many options”.

According to him, Construction of the 7th nuclear power plant reactor at the licensed site may have to start immediately as neighbouring countries will sell electricity at market prices till 2025.

Regarding green energy, Borissov emphasises that Bulgaria is not closing the plants that generate electricity with coal, but the Green Transition must be smooth. Bulgaria is a nuclear power country in the Balkan region and urgently needs to start Construction on a second site.

Borissov added, “Bulgaria is committed to scratching its powers. We will see how metal plants, machinery and even consumers will survive after 2025 when electricity has to be bought”.