GERB leader Borissov thinks Bulgaria needs to be governed by new Euro-Atlantic coalition
GERB leader Borissov thinks Bulgaria needs to be governed by new Euro-Atlantic coalition

Sofia, Bulgaria: The leader of the opposition GERB party, Boyko Borissov, in his recent statement, shared his view that the country should be governed by a new Euro-Atlantic coalition.  

The statement of Borissov came after he apologised to the former resigned Prime Minister of the country, Kiril Petkov, for calling him a ‘coward’.  


“You can always find a formula for these basic tasks, the judiciary, real reforms. To sit down and talk to the competent people of each party and solve them”, he stated. 

GERB filed a proposal for the no-confidence motion, following which Prime Minister Kiril Petkov-led administration failed to stand the motion and witnessed a downfall.

Meanwhile, the former prime minister of Bulgaria asserted while addressing GERB, “The fight against corruption cannot happen as long as you have a coalition partner who was part of corruption. There can be no stability at any cost”. 

Meanwhile, Borisov then added that his party is ready to talk with any party that is in support of the adoption of the euro, supports Ukraine, supports Bulgaria’s membership in the EU and NATO and works for full diversification of gas and oil supplies. 

The resignation by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and his cabinet will be filed on June 27, 2022. 

In its recent statement, PM Petkov added, “It’s a tough few days ahead. We are fighting difficulty to stay on the right side of history. We surprised everyone in Europe, and we surprised Russia with these strong policies. The ongoing domestic political turmoil means the country is at risk of heading toward becoming a soft state”.  

In addition to this, the Foreign Ministry of Bulgaria congratulated Ukraine and Moldova for getting candidate status to join the European Commission. 


The Ministry tweeted, “Congratulations to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia for getting closer to our EU family! Bulgaria has long been supporting their European perspective. Granting Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova EU candidate status is a historic decision and a strong sign of our support”.