Bulgaria: EU Funds to assist accommodating Ukraine refugees
Bulgaria: EU Funds to assist accommodating Ukraine refugees

As per the recent decision of the Bulgarian Cabinet, a total of 120 million leva will be allocated in the European Union funds for providing assistance to the Ukraine nationals who fled the war land amid the Russian invasion.

According to the statement of the Bulgarian government, around 60 million leva had been identified in the European Social Fund, which will be further utilised to provide basic material assistance, with food and non-food items. This whole aid will be given via the Bulgarian Red Cross.


Besides this, the funding will also be used for providing support to the non-governmental organisations that are working to assist district administrations in welcoming as well as settling the Ukrainian nationals who fled the country.

The statement by the Bulgarian government further reveals that a total of 26 million leva will be spent for providing educational integration and access to daycare for children from Ukraine via European Regional Development Fund.

Meanwhile, a total of 5 million leva sum amount is being allocated for the resettlement as well as internal transport costs of Ukrainians who have obtained temporary health protection in Bulgaria. This money will be granted from the Transport and Transport Infrastructure operational programme.

By the Regions in Growth operational programme, a total sum amount of 29 leva will be transferred to the Innovation and Competitiveness operational programme. This money will be utilised for capitalising on the accommodation costs for Ukrainian refugees and for basic material assistance, including food and non-food items, according to the statement of the Bulgarian government.

Additionally, to date, over 6 million Ukraine refugees left the country and taken shelter in different countries, the majority of them going to Poland. The official government statistics state that, to date, more than 100,000 Ukraine refugees have been granted temporary health protection in the European country since the Russian invasion.