PM Petkov held telephonic conversation with Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
PM Petkov held telephonic conversation with Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov had a telephonic conversation with the Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz, yesterday, April 29, 2022. Both the officials discussed the implications of war between Russia-Ukraine.

Prime Minister Petkov tweeted, “Discussed with Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz the implications of the war on food and energy security in Europe. Debriefed about Bulgaria & Ukraine’s joint strategy to build a wheat logistics hub in Varna and that Ukraine’s heavy machinery will be repaired in the factories of Bulgaria”.


“I also reconfirmed Bulgaria’s commitment to supporting the European integration of the WB”, the Prime Minister further added.

This week on Thursday, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said that Ukraine had asked the Balkan state to get some of its heavy machinery at its arms plant repaired.

Further speaking on it, the Bulgarian Prime Minister cites, “This is a genuine request, which I personally will present to the coalition council and I hope next week when we’ll be voting in the parliament on military-technical assistance to Ukraine, that it will be a critical part of the package”.

A lot of ups and downs are being witnessed between the coalition government amid the decision whether to send military aid to the country or not. Some of the ministers and party members stand firm in assisting war-hit country, providing it with weaponry aid.

Bulgaria denounced Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine and has provided shelter to the Ukrainian nationals who fled the war to save their lives.

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian Prime Minister has affirmed and cited hope that Ukraine will definitely win this war, citing, “Bulgaria stands firmly by Ukraine and will: – facilitate the export of Ukraine electricity into Bulgaria and the Balkans; use Trans – Balkan pipeline to deliver gas into Ukraine; participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine – repair of heavy machinery in Bulgarian factories”.