Bulgaria is
Bulgaria is "best European country" for women to work, study reveals

Sofia, Bulgaria: The recent study has rated Bulgaria as the best European country for women to work and for the benefits they receive at their job, such as – maternity leave package, which has also been listed as ‘best”, bagging 100 out of 100 points.  

The study has been conducted by the Reboot SEO Agency in the countries of Europe, revealing some of the surprising results. To conduct the extensive survey, Reboot SEO Agency pulled maternity leave benefits for each European nation. The agency took into consideration the total number of weeks offered and multiplied by the maternity leave rate. 


Apart from this, the European countries were also evaluated on the several other factors which are significant, holding a great contribution in the success of women at a workplace. 

The study reveals that, in terms of the Maternity Leave advantages, Croatia is the second “best” nation in the European region for female employees. The score of Croatia stands at 96.7 out of 100. Slovakia bagged third place with a score of 93.3, followed by Greece and Norway at 4th position, with 90 points. 

Meanwhile, at the fifth position comes Luxembourg, Poland and Estonia, bagging 80 points out of 100. Lithuania, with 76.7 points, comes at 6th place, followed by Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, scoring 73.3, 70 and 66.7 points, respectively. 

On the other hand, Austria, Netherland and Spain came at the same place, holding 10th position in the study, with 56.7 points out of 100.  

Naomi Aharony – the CEO & Co-Founder at Reboot SEO Agency, cited in a statement, “The total results have shown that there is some growth in terms of “gender equality” in the workplace in Europe region. Lithuania, Finland & Bulgaria ranked highly, indicating that there are some improvements being made in these nations. Although, the disappointing positions of affluent nations such as – Germany & Denmark reaffirm that the progress towards gender parity continues to be in slow pace in Europe region.” 

“Although it is good to see few advancements, ladies still face numerous issues when it comes to gender equality, particularly at the workplace that involves not only the wage gap, lack of leadership representation, government incentives and work-life balance. The prevailing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic have undoubtedly intensified these challenges, with working mothers taking the brunt of the repercussions.”