Sofia, Bulgaria: Prime Minister of the European country Kiril Petkov is hopeful that at the end of his appointment tenure, corruption from the country will fade away, and Bulgaria will set an instance for the whole world. The remarks were made by the Bulgarian Prime Minister on Friday, February 18, 2022, in an interview with EURACTIV.

Speaking on the actions taken by him to end the corruption, PM Petkov informed, he already has submitted a list of 19 persons who overpower corruption in Bulgaria. The submission has been given to the Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev of the European nation.


Bulgarian Prime Minister earlier last month noted that around 20 people are there in the country who dominate and bolster corruption, and now the list already has been submitted.

“One of our government’s main promises is to terminate corruption, and there are not any exceptions; no one is above the rule of law. There will be no division between the ruling or opposition party in concerns with corruption”, Prime Minister Petkov underscored.

Prime Minister hopes that in the forthcoming four years, Bulgaria will be setting an example of how fast the European country crushed corruption. Apart from this, discussions were held on the efforts of the Bulgarian government to open the start of acquisition negotiations with North Macedonia and the Ukraine crisis.

“Bulgaria will be a very supportive, constructive and a very stable partner to the European Union”, the prime minister further highlighted ahead of his first-ever European council meeting.

In addition, yesterday, the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, met with the Bulgarian Prime Minister on the sidelines of the EUAU Summit, where both of the parties held talks on common interest matters.

European Union recently has asked the European country to abolish its citizenship programme as soon as possible, along with other two nations.