Three-story building
Three-story building collapses at number 61 PC-Facebook

MEP Isabella Adinolfi shared the tragic accident of collapsing of a three-story building on Sunday morning in the province of Naples. The collapse was occurred at number 61 of Corso Umberto, in the centre of the coral city.

MEP Adinolfi took to her official Facebook account and remarked that, according to the Initial news reports, a woman was fortunately extracted alive.


She added that her thoughts are with everyone involved in this tragedy and the brave firefighters and law enforcement who continue search and rescue operations.

As per the sources, The Torre Annunziata prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the collapse this morning in Corso Umberto in Torre del Greco.

At the same time, the carabinieri carried out the findings on the spot to the carabinieri of the local company, which is entrusted with the investigations. The investigators have not yet indicated the possible causes of the collapse that has affected the three-story building.

In the centre of Torre del Greco, The rescuers pulled three people alive from the rubble of the collapsed building. In addition, the rescuers previously extracted the young woman alive, and two other people, i.e. two men yet not identified, were pulled out of the pile of collapsed debris.

The rescuers transported the 19-year-old young woman to the Mare hospital, and one of the two men, who are not yet identified, suffered multiple trauma and was transported to the nearest hospital for treatment. Their health conditions are not known precisely.

This tragic accident highlights the need to pay greater attention to the structural safety of our buildings.

Additionally, the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni took to her official Twitter account and wrote: “I am following with concern the story of the collapse of a building in Torre del Greco, in the province of Naples, and I am constantly updated on the search and rescue operations.”


Moreover, PM Giorgia Meloni extended thanks to the rescuers who were busy on the place and addressed a thought of closeness to the people involved and their families.

MEP Isabella Adinolfi further expressed that it is imperative to review and strengthen our construction regulations, with particular attention to areas with a high risk of seismic and historical structures, to ensure the safety of citizens.