Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit launches Lynsia Frank from Salisbury constituency

The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) announced Lynsia Frank's nomination on Tuesday for the Salisbury constituency under Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit's direction

The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) announced Lynsia Frank's nomination on Tuesday for the Salisbury constituency under Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit's direction
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The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) announced Lynsia Frank’s nomination on Tuesday for the Salisbury constituency under Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit’s direction.

Her launching ceremony was relocated from Salisbury Playingfield to Vieille Case. The DLP supporters received numerous reports of threats, that’s why the launch celebration was postponed.


While giving his speech, Prime Minister Skerrit urged citizens in the Salisbury constituency who support the DLP to vote for Lynsia Frank to represent them in parliament because she will help the Salisbury constituency’s residents to regain their reputation, said PM Skerrit.

She can revive this constituency’s reputation as a kind, hardworking group of people who are proud of who they are, what they do, and where they live.

Hector John, the former Salisbury Parliamentary Representative, was strongly criticized by Prime Minister Dr Skerrit. According to him, Hector John is the laziest person he has ever met in their entire life.

The DLP requested the residents of Salisbury to vote for Lynsia Frank on December 6 in order to end the UWP’s stance against them. PM Skerrit noted that the people of Salisbury are intelligent and hardworking but have been led by Hector John. They can do better under the supervision of Lynsia.

During the speech, PM Skerrit launched a decisive blow at the opposition UWP, claiming that these people provoke violence rather than focusing on development or finding ways to improve the livelihood of individuals and their families.

While highlighting the Marigot constituency, as an illustration, PM Skerrit noted, “The constituency got decent, hospitable, loving and hardworking individuals, but all they have been missing is a good leader, someone who really cares for them as well as the same thing in Salisbury, so I am saying to the people of Salisbury not to repeat the same mistake.”

At the same time, Prime Minister Skerrit appreciated Lynsia frank and highlighted that she is only 31 years old and answered the call of her voters to step up and fill the vacuum by bringing growth and prosperity to them. She will have my continuous support and help to make sure she can produce the best results for the residents. She will also be my champion because she represents all of Salisbury’s residents.


He said that everyone needed to show up on the evening of December 6 to cast a vote for the DLP in order for them to start getting better. Dominica, Salisbury, Roseau North, and Marigot all deserved better.

Additionally, Lynsia Frank, a candidate from the Salisbury seat, began her speech at the peace rally in Vieille Case by thanking God for bringing her and everyone else safe and healthy.

She expressed her disappointment that the Salisbury event was unable to take place due to threatening issues, but she expressed her gratitude to the Vieille Case community for hosting her and the rest of the DLP Party. She said, “The opposition attempted everything they could to stop me, but still, they couldn’t succeed”.

Frank added, “It is unfortunate that in 2022 we face discrimination for trying to express ourselves reasonably in a free country. I’ve been watching the outgoing parliamentary representative taking advantage of the residents of my constituency for 13 years. Therefore I’m here tonight”.


She emphasized that Hector John is free to visit her yard, as he did on Tuesday, but she won’t be intimidated by him.

“Is this the kind of Dominica that they want where we cannot come and show support to our future parliamentary representative?” the DLP parliamentary representative from the Salisbury seat questioned the supporters. Do we want to live in a nation where the leaders believe that inciting violence is the only way to represent the people?”

Aren’t you sick and weary of living in a district with a member of parliament who has done nothing for 13 years?

Frank wants all her fans to remember that she was once one of them, so she is aware that they are equally tired of Hector John and his attempts to splinter this constituency as she is.

Frank says, “I’m here tonight because I want to see growth, prosperity, and peace in our community.”

She noted, “I want to speak for all of you and work to end Salisbury’s intergenerational poverty cycle. People will come first throughout my time serving as a parliamentarian”.

Frank highlighted, ”It is about country above colours; it is about service over self, so on December 6, everyone must get out early and vote for Lindsay Frank because “we cannot risk placing our future in the wrong hands,” she stated, repeating her vows and urging her fans to support her.