PM Philip J Pierre hosted Saint Lucia's National Day. (Credits: Philip J. Pierre, Facebook)
PM Philip J Pierre hosted Saint Lucia's National Day. (Credits: Philip J. Pierre, Facebook)

Castries, Saint Lucia: Prime Minister Philip J Pierre extended his wishes on the occasion of National Day to all the Saint Lucians on December 13, 2023.

PM Pierre prayed for the well-being and healthy lifestyle of all the citizens of the nation as they entered into a new period of Light.


“As we usher in this new period of Light and Renewable, I pray for a spirit of peace and love over our island”, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia stated.

He further expanded a vote of thanks to all the nationals of the country as they committed to building the nation better.

“As we reflect on our lives during this National Day, let us give thanks and commit to being better citizens who proudly build our nation”, the leader of the country commented.

It is to be noted that the National Day of Saint Lucia is also the feast day of the island’s namesake patron saint, Saint Lucia of Syracuse.

National Day

The National Day marks the start of the Christmas season. The festival hosts a grand celebration of lights on Saint Lucia’s Day Eve in Castries, the capital of the island’s city.

Notably, this event also features a decorative lamp light competition and fireworks.

The festivities were held with various activities and events such as,


– Musical band events

– A market festival

– Sports matches

– Special church services


– Choral performances

It is considered a major event and a foretaste of the festivities to come during the Christmas season. The holiday is a perfect opportunity to appreciate the contributors of Saint Lucia and show appreciation for the history she holds.

History of National Day

Saint Lucia’s National Day is observed to celebrate the life and Death of St Lucy. The island nation was initially known as the Windward Island.

The first and foremost settlers were of French origin, and they came to the island, naming it Saint Lucian and giving it the distinction of being the only nation in the world with a female name.