WCC Speaker: Will not support Cabinet whose leader is not Kiril Petkov
WCC Speaker: Will not support Cabinet whose leader is not Kiril Petkov

Sofia, Bulgaria: ITN’s decision to leave the coalition government sparked political chaos in Bulgaria. The National Assembly Speaker Nikola Minchev of WCC – We Continue the Change, in his recent statement, noted that the party will not support a Cabinet or government whose Prime Minister is not Kiril Petkov.

Current Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov is the leader of the WCC political party. ITN was one of the four parties who came together to form the Bulgarian administration but now has stepped back, leaving a coalition of 3 parties.


Minchev was speaking during an interview when he made the above remarks adding, “With 240 MPs, 121 are needed for a majority in Parliament. But if we talk in terms of principles so that each formation adheres to what it said before the election, I do not see what this new majority is. I do not think we will support a new Cabinet with a Prime Minister who is not Kiril Petkov”.

WCC is still searching for 12 MPs, and Minchev expressed optimism that they will find them.

“The situation in the group is optimistic. A minority government can work, but if these 12 people are found, it becomes a majority government. In politics, it is necessary to be responsible and to fulfil the commitments you made before the election”, the speaker then highlights.

He then adds, “If there are those who intend to pursue a policy of fighting corruption, raising incomes and restoring the rule of law, there may be talks about another government within this Parliament. Let this become a fact, and then there will be coalition talks, and these issues will be clarified”.

The question still remains unanswered in the whole political turmoil whether elections will take place in Bulgaria? Will the Balkan state will get its’ new Prime Minister, or Kiril Petkov will continue to lead the European nation.