Ukraine Foreign Minister thanks Bulgarian Prime Minister for fundraising campaign to aid Ukraine
Ukraine Foreign Minister thanks Bulgarian Prime Minister for fundraising campaign to aid Ukraine

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Foreign Minister of Ukraine – Dmytro Kuleba, appreciates and thanked Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov for starting a “fundraising” campaign for Ukraine refugees.  

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister extended thanks via his official Twitter handle and noted, “Grateful to Prime Minister of Bulgaria Kiril Petkov for initiating a public campaign to raise funds for Ukraine and help us strengthen our defences. This move demonstrates true Bulgarian solidarity with Ukraine. I felt it well when I was received by PM Petkov in Sofia last week”. 


While fundraising, the Bulgarian Prime Minister asked the general public to follow his example and donate some part of their monthly salary to the fund so that they could assist the people of Ukraine.  

The Balkan state’s administration has pledged to aid the Ukrainian nationals in every possible way they can. Bulgaria so far has provided shelter to thousands of Ukraine fled refugees and is also working to grant temporary health protection and job opportunities.  

Reports are there that the Bulgarian Parliament will further hold discussions in terms of providing assistance to the Ukrainian nationals. 

Further asking the world to assist Ukraine, its Foreign Minister cites, “Russia loses last hope to scare the world off supporting Ukraine. Thus the talk of a ‘real’ danger of WWIII. This only means Moscow senses defeat in Ukraine. Therefore, the world must double down on supporting Ukraine so that we prevail and safeguard European and global security”. 

He then raised his voice on the EU’s decision to impose a ban or embargo on the Russian oil; Ukrainian Minister asserted, “EU needs a real embargo on Russian oil. Additionally, Russia desperately tries to bypass the already imposed restrictions. Let’s be clear: any blend containing any Russian oil should be treated as 100% Russian oil. Don’t let Russians cheat their way around restrictions”. 

Sixty-one (61) days have passed since the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine.