What does SU mean: Can We Send Messages on Snapchat?

Within excess of 22 million downloads on Google Playstore, Snapchat has happened to the most-adored web-based media stages for individuals across the globe. The application is popular for its mind-boggling security insurance interface and sharing of stories.

The web-based media application offers its clients ridiculous and adorable channels which individuals love to utilize and share selfies with their dear companions. Snapchat was the main online stage to share stories that last just for 24 hours for individuals to see on the web.


Can we send messages on Snapchat?

Aside from such unbelievable highlights of the application, numerous clients use it to message their companions as Snapchat is viewed as extraordinary compared to other social informing applications. Numerous clients utilize easygoing or slang terms while sending a Snap. These Snapchat text slangs are short and help Snap darlings to fit words in a couple of lines.

This assists with passing on a message effectively and helps the recipient with perusing the content in the picture before the ideal opportunity for review the picture passes. Be that as it may, slang like SU, BTW, TBH, and all the more generally befuddle new clients as they don’t have the foggiest idea about their significance. Here is all you need to know on the off chance that you are thinking about what BTW and TBH depend on and the significance here on Snapchat.

How would you utilize SU on Snapchat?

Instructions to utilize S/U on Snapchat

Stage 1: Add a connection. The principal thing you need to do is connect to your snap.

Stage 2: Add a S/U source of inspiration. Since you have joined the connect to your snap, you need an approach to tell individuals they should swipe up to get to it.

On the Snapchat story, s/u significance or su importance is something very similar. which is ‘swipe up.’ Individuals will put s/u in their accounts for essentially 3 reasons.

Possibly they need to send you to a specific page or connection to a partner site. This is done for the most part on the off chance that they are attempting to send something through an associate and make some commission.


They need to set up an overall story and welcome individuals to talk with them.

They are playing a type of swipe-up game. For the most part, individuals will post a rundown of things and ask you to s/u and answer a specific choice.