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Club Botev sold Emmanuel Toku to Belgium

Botev (Plovdiv) made a serious outgoing transfer. The Canaries part ways with quarterback Emmanuel Toku. The midfielder will continue his career at the highest level of Belgian football, moving to the Leuven team

Pakistan’s authorities detained Baloch students protesting in Lahore

The Balochistan Post stated that Pakistani forces attacked Baloch students who were peacefully protesting in Lahore against the injustice of military rule in Balochistan

Winter Elementary Education Center in Dortevto-Chepelare has been restored

The Winter Elementary Education Center in the Dortevto-Chepelare area has been restored. Visitors will use the facilities for free. The renovated small track in the "Dortevo" locality is located in the heart of Chepelare, immediately next to the city park. Its length is approximately 200 meters.

Animal abusers to face consequences, warns Dryanovo Municipality

On January 27, a dog was discovered brutally killed in the city. The District Administration - Dryanovo was immediately alerted, and full assistance will be provided during the investigation to identify the perpetrator

Russians willing to pay $10,000 for head of Wasim, paratrooper of 95th assault brigade

According to the information provided by 95 separate amphibious assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russians are willing to pay $10,000 for the head of Wasim, a paratrooper of the 95th assault brigade deployed over the line of Control

Sofia: For the first time, gross monthly payment exceeds BGN 2000; Georgiev

He announced that, for the first time, the gross monthly payment exceeds BGN 2000. in all sectors of the local economy. In the IT sector, the average salary already exceeds BGN 4000