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Residents gathered in Dryanovo Monastery to pay tribute to Pop Hariton and Bacho Kiro’s troops

Dryanovo, Bulgaria: Hundreds of people gathered on May 13, 2023, in the historic Dryanovo Monastery "St. Archangel Michael" to pay tribute to the rebels of the Pop Hariton and Bacho Kiro's troop. For nine days, the squad managed to hold about 8,000 regular Ottoman troops and Bashibozuk in 1876

600 Bulgarian flags flew over Sofia’s educational institutions marking 145 years of Bulgarian liberation

Georgi Valentinov Georgiev, chairman of the Metropolitan Municipal Council Sofia, reported that yesterday with Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, Head of the Regional Department of Education, Mrs Vanya Kastreva and Deputy. -Mayor of Education Miroslav Borshosh attended the consecration of Bulgarian flags and donated to metropolitan schools, kindergartens and nurseries, whether municipal, public or private

Mitrofanova: Bulgaria to face consequences for assisting Ukraine

The Russian ambassador to Bulgaria, Eleonora Mitrofanova, made ludicrous complaints about Bulgaria's support for the provision of ammunition and crucial assistance to Ukraine

Bulgaria remarks 114 years of independence from Ottoman empire

Even though Bulgaria was liberated in 1878 due to the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation, the Principality of Bulgaria was declared an ally of the Ottoman Empire by the Treaty of Berlin, putting the independent Bulgarian state under the control of the Sublime Porte

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Vitosha Boulevard Ranks 51st Among Europe’s Most Expensive Shopping Streets

With rents soaring by 4% year-on-year, averaging 54 euros per square meter, Vitosha Boulevard continues to draw significant interest, primarily from the bustling restaurant and bar scene that has dominated its landscape for years
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Sofia’s “March for the Family” Set to Break Attendance Records in 2024

Kristian Shkvarek, chairman of the "Conservative Society" foundation and co-organizer of the event, emphasized the march's mission. "We believe that any attempts to take over this month, dedicated to children and the family, by leftist and liberal ideologies cannot and will not succeed in Bulgaria"

Bulgaria Air Launches New Direct Routes from Varna to Prague and Frankfurt

The inaugural flight from Varna to Prague commenced on June 23, marking the beginning of a new seasonal service. Scheduled to operate twice weekly, on Wednesdays and Sundays, this route caters to both Bulgarian residents and Czech tourists

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Cable Car Project to increase tourism opportunities in Dominica: PM Skerrit

Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit recently visited the site of the m, breaking newsost anticipated Cable Car project in the country

PM Roosevelt Skerrit asks developed nations to support SIDS against climate change

PM Roosevelt Skerrit stressed that developed nations must support the Small Island Nations in their struggle against Climate Change