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Khan International Sports (KIS) experience incredible growth and popularity among top international cricketers

Jammu & Kashmir, India: During the current Indian Premier League (IPL), Khan International Sports (KIS), a well-known bat manufacturing brand from Jammu and Kashmir, has experienced tremendous growth, giving the regional bat brand considerable prominence

India: WhatsApp group called “Anjuman Blood Donors”  saving lives in J&K

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir: In the Srinagar area of Jammu and Kashmir, a group of young men has been operating a WhatsApp group called "Anjuman Blood Donors", intending to organize blood donation campaigns and raise public awareness of the advantages and demands of blood donation

Kashmir attracting international and Indian filmmakers, rising employment in region

According to Union Minister Jitendra Singh, Kashmir is drawing attention from filmmakers in India and worldwide. The union territory's unspoiled beauty is the cause of this

J&K: “Let’s Talk Library” illustrates value of adopting humane policies to improve society

Mubashir has set an example for others with his unselfish project, "Let's Talk Library," illustrating the value of adopting humane policies to improve society

Harvesting begins peacefully along Jammu and Kashmir border with Pakistan

Wheat harvesting started along the international border in Jammu and Kashmir's Gajnisu region, and it was recognised as a sign of peace and stability. This year-long India-Pakistan border ceasefire has fostered a tranquil environment

India: As Eid approaches, marketplaces in Jammu and Kashmir crowded with customers

Jammu and Kashmir, India: As the holiday season begins with Eid-ul-Fitr, the markets in Jammu and Kashmir are crowded with customers. The local area feels relieved after lifting COVID-19 limitations, and the residents prepare for the holidays and other happy occasions

India: J&K Bank launches AI Chatbot to accelerate customer service

India's Jammu and Kashmir region witnessed the inauguration of J&K Bank's JIA (J&K Bank Intelligent Assistant), which will help with client interaction. The AI-enabled Chatbot will help the Bank's management give customers more individualised service

Organic-Pharma enterprise evolves in Jammu & Kashmir

Today anyone can easily find some micro shops in countries like Germany and other European Countries to get Kashmiri-made rose oil, dried apricots, and herbs. A few years before, goods from the valley were limited to fruits and dry fruits only, primarily for gulf export

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Gabrovo: Open door Tuberculosis campaign to be held from June 19 to 23

The regional administrative centre of Gabrovo informed that an open door Tuberculosis-related campaign will be held from June 19 to June 23. The campaign will be organized at "SBALBB - Gabrovo" LTD, st. Dr. "Kiril Vaglenov" 1, every weekday from 8.00-13.00 in a Cabinet on the ground floor in the hospital and the Dispensary Office at the Second Polyclinic / DCC 2 /, North Industrial Zone - Monday, Wednesday, Friday - from 8 am to 12 pm
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Bulgaria records one win and two losses in Air Badminton qualification for ANOC World Beach Games 2023

Bulgaria recorded a win and two losses in Group " Games️" of the European Championship, which is also an Air Badminton qualification for the ANOC World Beach Games 2023 held in Verkendam ( Netherlands)

Street Art Festival ‘6Fest’ to be held in Plovdiv

Plovdiv, Bulgaria: The Street Arts Festival "6Fest - 2023" announced its 13th edition, which will be held in Plovdiv as part of the city's Cultural Calendar

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World Citizenship Report 2023 by CS Global Partners ranks Denmark at top

World Citizenship Report 2023 was released by London-based government advisory and marketing firm CS Global Partners on April 20, 2023.